Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Typical Democratic Political Malpractice"? not

Digby was brilliant today:

I'd never heard the phrase "political malpractice" before, but beyond that, I'm also wrestling with the (largely unacknowledged) enormity of the Congressional sell-out with respect to Bush's domestic spying program, and I think she has some very insightful observations...

"The idea of being called soft on terrorism if they failed to pass the bill is predictable Democratic political malpractice. But I actually became convinced that it was the other reason that motivated them: they believe the president should have these extra-constitutional powers. And that reason is the one that really scares me. A majority of our representatives apparently agree that the constitution can be set aside if they are afraid of something.


"The problem is that they have bought George W. Bush's authoritarian paternalistic mantra that the president's primary job is to "keep us safe."


"We were supposed to be a brave nation of hardy yeoman farmers and bourgeois businessmen --- individualists who came together when under attack to protect ourselves."

Backstory, largely unreported, is that there was some super secret intel predicting a terrorist attack on the Capitol over the summer, and this is what persuaded Congress that the rape of the Constitution was so urgent.

Meanwhile, I ain't scared of no terrorists, and I'm tired of this excuse being used to legitimize all manner of cons and cowardice.



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