Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Love America

There. It's kind of my Get Out of Jail Free card.
Now whatever I say inherits the properties of that first declarative title. Got it?

I just want to add my voice to the conversation. And taking this step -- to do so publicly -- is surprisingly scary. -sigh- So certain of my opinions, yet so afraid of criticism. -cough- But the Web medium allows me to be more honest in expressing ideas, because I'm not afraid of offending people I can't see. And maybe learn to take criticism better, too. Or not...

Although I do expect to learn from others and change my views in response to new information or perspectives, this is not really about changing anybody's mind. It's about publicly trying to make up my own... exploring difficult ideas and topics, *writing in the hope that these verbal formulations and reformulations lead to increasing clarity of vision*. If anybody agrees with me, well, I really believe we all agree on some basic levels, and our challenge is to find and build on those. But if you think I'm full of shit, well, sometimes I am, and it's good to get called on it.