Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Right-wing Projection

I imagine he actually believes this:
“Let me give you another extremist view, ‘In God We Trust,’[Joe the Plumber] said to wild applause. “Say that too loud in some parts of America and you will be shot. It’s terrible.”

And what parts of America might that be?

I can't imagine a more irreligious place (generally speaking) than the Bay Area, but we're just not wasting ammo on that trivia. We're fighting for gay marriage, and we trust in God, too, only we think s/he's on our side!

And the truly radical left hasn't been armed since the defeat of the Symbionese Liberation Army in the 70s.

A lone nut, perhaps? Christopher Hitchens? A fist-fight, maybe, but assassination is beneath him.

So who was it that stocked up on guns and ammo the day after Obama was elected? "God & Guns" is a cliche of sorts. "Atheists & Guns", not so much.

No, the loose rhetoric that falls so freely from Joe's smug lips is not grounded in any empirical reality that I am aware of.

But, if it does not betray his own subconscious lust for a violent response to dissenting opinions, then what other conclusion could there be? That he is cynically justifying preemptive violence in the minds of his audience?


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